How does Fed Frig?

2 questions:

  1. Is Fed Engie or Fed Guard Better for Offense Stomping/destroying/destroying/destroying? T3 pls, only credit ships

  2. How to play? (as said engie/guard)

  3. Oh yeah and why?

Edit: Engie=Engineer

you lost me after the third word in the second line friend

Fixed *sortof*

Personally I prefer engineer overall, but if you really want to be able to go in to the enemy lines and destroy them, the guard is always better. (Unless you’re using my octo. It can regen shields faster than some weapons can damage them. X3)

Use as many Adaptive Shields as you can, also use Fed R8 Implant to prevent your enemies from slowing you. 

Anaconda is a very mediocre ship, I’d recommend you to use the Valor but you said credits only~

In the other hand the Anaconda-M (Guard) is one of the best T3 ships.

So to 1. I’d say Anaconda-M is way better for destroying.

To 2.: to play them you just need to afterburn non stop to keep the Adaptive Shields on all the time. Your Guard’s shield isn’t the only important part, you’re going to tank a lot of damage with your hull. Remember that Adaptive Shields also give you hull resistances. The key to play Fed Guards is to keep afterburning, having a decent rotation and at least 1 Multipurpose Module to active it when you’re slowed, so the F8 Implant will activate and free you from the slow.

3.: Because Adaptive Talking has been proven several times to be way better on Fed Guards than normal tanking. Some people even fly Jericho Guards with Adaptive Shields. But don’t try that unless you’re a seasoned player.

some stuff depends on the tier. so if i only look at the f2p ships…


fed engi in t3: secondary engis, the anaconda can be nice dropping healing beacons (heal aura, energy/shield aura, shield+hull beacons), the alligator is best used as positron platform, hiding away because your main defense is that you are smaller than other t3 frigs, which isn’t much…; but you will never be able to replace a valor or an empire styx. anacondas in pairs, or supporting another engi can however be awesome. just try to stay out of focusfire. still the t3 ruler of fed engineering is the valor.

fed guard in t3: the anaconda-m has a couple of fits, but needs a team to rule if you go offensive adaptive guard; but then it can become a real pita.

fed engi in t4: the grizzlies are as awesome as is the valor in speedfits, you can be incredible aggressive with them; adaptive fits are nice on them.

fed guard in t4: not much experience. but i would wonder if its very different. well maybe guards dont really depend on the tier…

fed engi in t5: the t-rex is a combination of high mobility, tanking options and offensive options, so you have to use it; your tank can be okay, while your offense does not lack. use your mobility, but dont go adaptive. there is no need to say, that the octopus is the strongest engi in t5. the osprey is somewhat the alligator of the higher tiers… it is really not tanky… unfortunately its also not that small… stick your head in the sand for defense purposes in that one :slight_smile: it’s not that bad, just compared to others, it still works well with an adaptive fit, also its really fast.

fed guard in t5: the t-rex mk2 can do similar stuff like the anaconda-m in t3. additionally it can be extremely tanky and fast.


the things which are not depending on the tier are federation philosophies themselves:

 - mobility. your frigates have very high speeds compared to other races. you can either take this strength as it is, but you can also increase mobility even further if you like. mobility means, in the defensive, you go for escapes. but mobility also means for offensive that you can reposition faster and choose a good angle of attack. always think about verniers if you go adaptive and dont sacrifice acceleration.

 - shield/hull tanking. feds need to keep an eye on the ship in matters of shield and hull, and try to keep shield tanking as long as possible, but at the same time should not rely on it. you should try to boost defenses in both. never go in on empty shields. adaptive fits can also have a nice hull armor, but you should only rely on that to get out of possible crossfire.

 - em weapons. feds often have good layouts & bonuses for em weaponry, so eclipse and positrons. help your team by getting rid of enemy shields and let the others do the killshots. at the same time you can make good use of lasers and coils on some ships, with the speed you might even consider heavy blaster.


mobility and adaptive:

keep in mind, that while you stand still, you can hide and rely on tanks, which is the empire way to go, but as adaptive, when you get under fire, you want to plan your escape. or at least keep moving, keep moving, possibly among your team. this makes you a bit more exposed, since you take up more “space” (like an electron, which moves in circles) and can run into bad situations and traps, but at the same time, you are not standing still, so you are harder to hit for some kind of weapons. this also makes it a very good “lure”, to catch some people chasing you into your defense.