How do you set up your command fighter in T2/T3?

So I have my Machete S with Assault rails, buffs to hull and shield resists, flares and then more resists, as I tend to try and be a durable 2nd line ship.  


I’m just starting to kit out my Katana S, but this time I’m trying stabilized rail guns so I don’t have to get close in and down and dirty in the scrums around the beacons, but I’m not sure what else to put on it.  Any suggestions?


Assault rails are much better for T4 and T3 as compared to T2, whereas stabilized rails are more viable for T2. For jericho fighters, its best to go all out for shields, forget your hull. Since katana S is a command make sure you have very good energy and energy regen, so your diffusion shield willl last longer.



I like the whole Aegis + Selfish Solo Shield Heal + Valkyrie as my setup since you can reach equilibrium without two command modules and boost forever, while having a decent energy store for diffusion. The only two weapons I’ll use on the sucker are Stabilized Rail or Hail guns if I got the r6 Jericho implant, the shield buff is worth more than the piddly basic damage I’d do if I went with higher DPS close range weapons, and I don’t got any escape mechanisms either way so it feels like I belong on the middle ground, watching for dives on engies to buff and supplement their damage.

I have machete s and use shield increase, energy increase, self shield heal, aegis, Valkyrie, shield increase, and EM resist.


I use assault lasers supplemented by missiles to actually kill guys. I mostly assist, tag ships on the beacon to prevent capping, and try to stay out of the way. I’d use stab rails/hail plasma if I were good enough in the fighter to actually kill anything =/. Also, the max range can make it harder for me to make sure I stay in range of allies to give them buffs.


If you have covert ops , orion + Valkyrie lets them clear frigates very quickly and with multiple commands, Valkyrie twisting is super sexy. If you regularly fly with a command buddy, one of you can swap out aegis for the hull buff, but on a Jericho ship it’s not that useful. Does help if you have empire ships in your squad (e.g. hydra).