How do you guys feel about this build?

BTW, first time using gauss in a long time and i got 7 kills and no deaths on gunship.



BTW, first time using gauss in a long time and i got 7 kills and no deaths on gunship.


But the ship you are showing us is a Command…

Lose the Regen for another Adaptive, Collision Comp for Vectored Thrusters (can’t remember if they exist in T3). For solo play, the actives are fine. For squads, replace Repair Kit with Speed/Shield Buffer.



Your capacitor volume sucks, your energy regen sucks, and you should feel bad for it in an empire command.

People have been saying that gauss is not competiive so I thought I’d mention it.

It’s for solo. You also can fit adaptive shield on a hull slot. Strafe engine doesn’t exist til t4

To jrisom, there isn’t much I can do with a single cap slot. I also dont feel like losing hull tank. I might be forgetting something to boost cap on an engine slot. Also, not used to building on an emp command. Would you like me to show my Jerry build?

2 galvenized 1 armor plate is twice as tanky as youre current build and you wont need special module to survive at all :slight_smile:

btw you’ll need a vernier engine for that.

Passive armor boosts energy regen speed by 33%.  The synergy level’s different, and the modules are green and white, but this could work out better.






And if you’re really wanting to grind commands, get the Empire R7 implant.  It probably won’t help anywhere but commands compared to Fed R7.

Well, I wouldnt fit this ship for energy tanking (diffusion shield) once its synergised up you can go with plenty of resistances (1galv,reactive,thermal+CC)(2galv, reactive+vernier).

Prometheus X does this way better, Prometheus is raw tank in my eyes. And Gauss is fine on this.

Please don’t bother to fit this ship for diffusion shield tanking, you’ll tank with your 3 hulls. 

Considering how good are rails in comparison I wouldn’t bother with gauss, but if you want to use them go ahead. 




This is how I’ve used that ship the last time I used it. I want to have a decent rotation and firepower. 

If you’re going to use Gauss you could change the heatsink for more regen, although you’re already pretty stable.