How do you farm Hidden Maintenance and is it worth it?

Usually I farm Blackwood for credits and synergy. But a couple of people have told me good things about Hidden Maintenance. One of the biggest reasons why I’m considering switching over to farming hidden maintenance for awhile is because you can get contracts done that involve capturing beacons.


What tier of loot does hidden maintenance have? 


What kind of resists do you need? I saw a lot of everything.


What’s a good ship composition for each stage?



I’m mostly trying to rank up certain T4 ships so I might not be bringing the best ships into battle when I farm it. Lately I’ve just been bringing these ships into stage 1 & 2 of blackwood, then swapping to my Minotaur for the Punisher boss to finish things off.


*EDIT* also people claim that they get 600K credits for hidden maintenance but I only get around 450K. Why is that? Someone told me that you get bonus credits for each 50 kills you get, but I’m not so sure about that. I went 80 kills in one and I didn’t notice a difference.

Credit gains are based on:

  • Final Efficiency score in respect to your team

  • Ship Rank you fly (or premiums), the higher the rank of your ship the higher the credit reward will be (premium ships have build in higher credit gain modifiers than “free” ships with similar rank)

  • Pirate DLC provide passive gain to credits

  • License

  • (Can’t remember if Classic DLCs have redit gain bonuses)

  • R15 Implant

As to loot, I posted the list of PVE missions recently:

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22386-t3-pve-looting-t4-gear/?p=252191)

As to reward, it’s the same across all same-tier missions (the usual modifiers apply).

As to efficiency: With a squad Blackwood takes less time, when solo hidden maintenance shop has the advantage that it’s super easy so even with fail pubs all dying you’ll win it easily. T5 guard for solo’ing it because you can just perma-pulsar everything away while doing objectives and your self-heals are enough to keep you alive.

It gives T4 loot (I always do it with T4/5 ships, so no idea about what happens when you use lower ranks)

You need imo kinetic resists, specially for the second stage, to kill all the little turrets before going for the main weapons.

You need one engineer on the second phase, and whatever on the rest as long as the players are good.



Credits may vary because those players had the pirates DLCs, I have both and I indeed win around 600k credits, sometimes more.


I find this stage easier because even with a bad team, you can win the game, not like Shipyard where a bad team will ruin the second phase.


  • (Can’t remember if Classic DLCs have redit gain bonuses)


Yes they have this kind of bonus : Soldier of fortune +10% credits / Galaxy explorer +10% Credits/Vouchers/Synergy / Elite Pilot  +10% Credits/Vouchers/Synergy.

You need imo kinetic resists, specially for the second stage, to kill all the little turrets before going for the main weapons.

You need one engineer on the second phase, and whatever on the rest as long as the players are good.

With a T5 guard you can ignore the turrets and hit the main guns instead. It’s mostly about positioning, you can hit the guns without being exposed to the turrets except on initial approach. That works solo with everyone else dead (and yes they die alot in their rank 7 ships). Suggest JR10 and ER13 implants to make sure you perma-pulsar all the adds away quickly (you also need that to solo first stage). And fit that guard for DPS.

Engi + 3 CovOps on the third stage and missile pods drops in seconds.

Thanks so much for all the suggestions and information guys! I think with a little practice this could be worth it. I might also pick up the pirate DLC as I already have the elite pilot one.

Hidden Maintenance is worth it because you can do all the capture beacon contracts.

In Blackwood you can do only the beacon repair contract.


As already mentioned. Hidden M is easier but takes more time than Blackwood. With a good team you can do Hidden M in less than 8 minutes. Another advantage in Hidden M is that you can get enough efficiency with all ship roles to complete efficiency contracts.

Another thing. You can fly every ship role in all stages as long as you know how to avoid dying and you can still make some contribution.


What ship role to use in what stage depends on the ships others use and in case of engineers if the engineers are good enough to keep everyone alive.


My opinion/suggestion about the stages:

1st stage:

You can bring whatever you want but it would be good that at least one person is doing engineer just in case someone is not paying attention. You can share assists between multiple engies with not doing all auras or planting a repair/recharge station.

You can also share assists between commands when having different resist auras active or using the Valkyrie system.

For those flying ships that don’t get any buff assists like Gunship or CovertOps you can take out the turrets (usually at the beginning) next to Beacon C. Each of the 6 turrets gives you 90 Efficiency. If you destroy the turret on the beacons by yourself you get 105 .

Each beacon capture gets you 100 efficiency but you need to be next (and capture a little bit) to it before it is capture.

Capturing only in the beginning doesn’t count.

You capture beacon in Order A - B - C . IF you are in a good team on not everyone needs all beacon captures you can maybe split up, but out of my experience that sometimes doesn’t make it faster.

In any case, if your are alone at the end of stage1 it is impossible to capture the last beacon because the bots constantly shooting at you and blocking/countering your capture. Of course that is no longer an issue with the latest patch which allows reviving ships.

The first stage is the easiest stage and where you usually get half of the efficiency of the whole PvE.


2nd stage:

Here you need to have at least one good engineer, meaning at least green auras and stations and good survivability. If you are not sure if the other players engie is good enough (should notice that in the 1st stage how fast you heal) bring a 2nd engie.

This stage is about destroying the main weapons as fast as possible (2minutes). The longer it takes your team to kill them the less like it is to finish the stage. It would be beneficial to have a good guard in your team in case it takes a little bit longer.

You fly with your team to the right of the dreadnought where you have a blind spot so that the turrets from the top and bottom deck cannot shoot at you but you can shoot at the main weapons.

There are a couple tricks to still finish this stage when only you are left but that takes a while and it is faster (more credits) to just get killed and start a new PvE.

Avoid the top deck as there are dozens of turrets (thermal damage) which can kill fighters and frigates very fast, except you know what you are doing. Killing a turret by yourself is again 105 eff. The turrets not destroyed will be in the next stage but don’t affect you in completing the 3rd stage.

If you are in a good team you try to take them out on the top deck at least especially when someone wants to do fighter or inty in the 3rd stage.


3rd stage

left from the dreadnought you have blind spots where turrets and missile launchers cannot hit you but you can still hit the missile launchers. These spots are good for frigates.

Like in the stage before you need at least one engie. I guard would be good too but not really required, a 2nd engie instead works too. Watch out for the Launcher in the back (the last one) which deals around 10k damage per shot. It single shot/kills Intys and poor fitted fighters and frigates also don’t survive that many shots.

Focus on destroying the missile launchers. The missile launchers go to the target the is closest to them. Inties have blind spots where they can be right next to them but cannot shot at them. This is an advantage for everyone as everyone can safely shot at close range from the top deck dealing more damage.


Regarding resistances . I think as long as you have no negative resistance you are fine in all stages. All stages have all types of damages from bots.


Equip your ships to deal the most damage, for frigates that means heavy blaster, fighters singularity, Inty anything but Shrapnel.


fF you have good Engineers in stage 2 and 3 you can use LRF as gunboat (heavy blaster with curved reflector) to deal an insane amount of damage to the main weapons/missile launcher and finishing these stages faster .

Enny, that was very information and truly helpful. Thank you! :slight_smile:

As I was writing there were 3 more posts. My posting was more if you fly solo. If you have a good team where everyone uses a specific role to finish this mission as fast as possible then there are other strategies.


True the T5 Guard can solo all stages (not sure about the first one but that doesn’t matter with reviving of team mates). You can also solo the last stage with an Engineer at (least Rank 9 with Gigas 2 implant).


But it all depends on what everyone in your team wants from the mission. Just credits? Or also efficiency and beacon vouchers? Synergizing some ships?

True the T5 Guard can solo all stages (not sure about the first one but that doesn’t matter with reviving of team mates). You can also solo the last stage with an Engineer at (least Rank 9 with Gigas 2 implant).

Lol forgot about the reviving now. True.

Guard can solo first stage if you’re implanted for perma-pulsar and take the leftmost beacon last. Not sure if they fixed it yet that you can fly into the structures at certain angles but if they haven’t you can also just pick any fighter with singularity, sit safely shielded inside while capturing and blast whatever is outside with bubbles since they go through.

Also yes, if you squad and have an engineer then a couple of covops will shred second and third stage quickly. If you have a guard you don’t need an engineer on third stage for anyone because the guard will kill all NPCs as they approach before they can hit anyone.

An annoying thing sometimes is that few ppl like to prolong stage 1 to an insane level just to farm kills to gain high efficiency numbers ?   

They do that in all stages and all missions. If they go for objectives at all they only do that after they killed everything else or more likely died. It’s why pub PVE takes at least twice as long as when you do it with a proper squad.

Hidden Maintenance takes around 10-15minutes depending on quality of squad on finishing the mission. You have to keep reminding them to go for objectives especially stage 2 if they think to do rather something else. Some players are new to T3+ in hidden maintenance so they get killed instantly on the top deck on stage 2.

If you find at least one buddy maybe just random guy during PvE mission who know what to do, just squad up with them for PvE. In a squad of 2 you can reduce the time to complete the mission a lot even with others going places.


I mentioned in my first post there are places especially stage 2 where you can hide and still solo that stage without issue. But that takes a long time (adds 5 or 10minutes) and you still have to do stage 3. So it is more efficient to kill yourself. Of course now that you can revive others that changes things but if someone is not careful or doing things needed to be done to finish the stage then I just leave him dead after the 2nd time they died.


So yes Snib there are still 2 spots where you can hide (that are not in the object but small corners…) and bots cannot touch you.

So yes Snib there are still 2 spots where you can hide (that are not in the object but small corners…) and bots cannot touch you.

You used to be able to fly inside of the beacons (wasn’t as easy as it sounds, I’ll have to give it a try one of these days to see if you still can) and capture from the inside.

Never heard/seen that before but now that is no longer needed anyway except you fly inty and don’t care about efficiency but finishing stage 1 as fast as possible.

Tip for stage 2 for covops pilot. Drop a nuke above first turret on the right of the missile pod dome, It will blow up most of them.

I just did a couple PvE without having an engie in all stages. It works as long as you don’t have total n00bs in your team and you are sufficient.

Again this is when you queue solo and don’t know what to expect.