how do you do any pve in less than one minute?

I wonder how Frony007 on weekly leaderboard cheats. On 22.01.2017 he got 430 pve weekly wins and total ~14H time in battle. That’s at most 2 minutes per battle, but he really has 702 pve and 190 pvp games. My fastest pve is ~2 minutes in coop so I don’t think it’s possbile to do pve in 1 min / match unless there’s an exploit at least


Coop has no pve, only pvp. Also, he spent like 35 hours in that week you showed to stay on top. Not that impossible when you have nothing to do IRL.

I think op it is saying coop stats and PVE stats are the same in regards number of battles. So 430 coop in a week… too much trouble for me for 400 GS,

In any case its too much work for very little pay :confused:

the most strange stuff here , the total damage deal for 702 pve and 198 pvp

11 millions / 900 game = its above 12k damage per game if each pve above 2 min on 14h played he gets an average of 101 DPS …Oo .

Objectives i guess, afk pve-ing, a ton of reasons why and how but he’s prolly getting carried or something.

assuming, he plays alone.


Good God man 14 hours time in battle (time in battle means you are IN the battle for those that don’t know) and only just registered on the 14th? Dude that is nothing but playing SC and getting very little sleep. Good for the SC community to have people like this but I just hope he doesn’t burn himself out.

Also custom PVE battles count (I don’t think coop does though) so if you get nothing but good low rank (which he is) premium ships with 4 others that are doing the same then its possible and throw in some standard coop with really good queue times and stay at it until your mind starts to fry and you got it. WAY too much grind for me.

I was looking at the totals of PVP yesterday and milf got over 1 mil eff in all. He is probably best player in game right now though but still that’s gotta be hours upon hours of nothing but playing SC. I’ve put in WAY too much time myself but still have never broken 500,000 eff due to man that’s just a lot of playing even in pve.

Another day… another bot user.

It’s a bot seen several of them in lower games but very few in higher lvl games.

Hmmm, didn’t realize that was a thing. I’m not surprised considering the things that have been done to online games in the past but never seen it in SC (as far as I know). Guess you could pm him or Mail him and see if you get a reply lol.

A bot farming GS? Those are risky business. I hope someone check the leaderboard winners from time to time.

What happens if you DC from the pves and it wins, still counts?

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Well, it’s not hard to score big in eff points when you have skill and a ship in basic god mode hahah ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

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Coop has no pve, only pvp. Also, he spent like 35 hours in that week you showed to stay on top. Not that impossible when you have nothing to do IRL.

Coop counts as pve in stats, just tested. Troll denied

Also I’ve noticed a new player KELUS who has 404 pves of which 400 wins and 16 pvps in 57 minutes of gameplay which is even more clear. However the time report seems to be off. I see weird time on seemingly legit ppl


Isn’t the “time in battle” only about PvP? 

If those wins count(doesn’t matter if you DC/leave before end), than such player may use one ship - one queue - go out tactics.
Regarding PvE: You simply can’t win any PvE in less than one minute(multi stage ones forbid this) and the other have a to big ‘spawn after spawn’ timers for such things.

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Coop counts as pve in stats, just tested. Troll denied

Okay but troll denied?

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Isn’t the “time in battle” only about PvP? 

This could explain a lot. If this so, each PVP battle could take about 4:15 sec. Still 430 PVE/COOp battles is too much for 400 GS. The weird thing is someone with this low amount of time in the game gets this reward. It seems some kind of abuse and it should be taked into account by devs/GM whoever.

Well I couldn’t google up any bots or figure out any faster way so I guess that the battle time refers to pvp only. My competitor KELUS pulled a 18 hour session to surpass me, poor guy ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)