How do I take on Aliens in my mammoth?

I had a fresh built mammoth with not so many elite modules. But I still find it hard to take on Alien ships. No matter in the Service Shop or Vanguard Outpost.


My mammoth built is as follows:




I originally had the heavy blaster mk4 but my aim is so bad that i went back to coil mortar

Try to lure them near pirates/turrets. Also, equip some resists instead of just shield volume or recharge. Aliens use EM damage. Heavy blaster would be best once they get near but I guess it’s not so good if you can’t aim it as well ;p

First of all you should use both hull and shield eggs. Second your energy stats should be better, those modules are horrible (imo). Third, your crit chance must be veeeery low (use crit ammo), you wont make any good use of a high crit damage if your crit chance is low. Fourth combat drones or even EM torpedoes will do waaaay more damage than the octopussy. As Rennie said, having a lot of raw shield is useless because aliens hit very hard and your shield will drop fast anyways, I would put at lesat 1 EM resistance. About the weapon… you will have a nightmare of a time to kill such things with anything but a heavy blaster. It has a lot of damage and it needs a lot of time to overheat. Also I don’t know whats wrong with your aim, aliens move in very predictible ways, it’s not players what you’re trying to kill. 


Also you’re not showing your ship stats and implants so I can’t gess anything else from there.


Good day


Aliens deal heavy EM so you want good EM resists. Also the Mammoth is designed to Shield tank as it has two shield slots vs one armour slot. This means also that you should be shield tanking. Put at least 1 EM shield resist in there, if not two.

My usual setup for PVE is Shield booster, shield & armour mass generators and Shield station. However, if im solo then I would change the Armour mass generator for the Armour station. Forget the gate, if you cant kill them in the first place what is the point in running away, just dont bother using the ship then!



Kinetic has been said to be the least effective vs aliens in other parts of the forums, I havent tested it myself. Go with what you are comfortable with. BUT energy is very important, so dont take Pulse dischargers if your regen isnt decent. Armour and Shield stations are expensive on energy. CPU wise, go two Crit chance, one Crit damage. If you arent critting, there is no point in the damage bonus.


You MUST take combat drones.



Wait for all your drones to spawn, then look for lone aliens or pairs of them. DONT fight big groups in an engi. If possible, wait until they agro NPCs or other players. Attack them by getting in close and start SHOOTING them. If you send in your attack drones the aliens will shoot them down, but if you are tanking, they wont and that is a lot of dps. Use your shield booster to keep your shields topped up above 50% for additional damage.



Make sure you pick the implants for Hull and Shield resistance, Rotation, Crit damage, Shield regen when under 25% movement speed and Module cool down on kills or assists (lets you use the shield booster often).