How Do I Get A Refund On My License?

So how do I go about getting a refund on the remainder of my license?


I’ve been disappointed in the game for the last 2 weeks, with the utter lack of content, the ridiculous design decisions, and the obvious intention of fabricated longevity (read: excessively grindy design), I’ve lost all interest in the game.  It also doesn’t help that in the last 2 weeks, because of the above three major points I’ve cited, almost 80% of my corp (about 30-ish players out of 45) have either lost interest or are on their way out.


I still have over a week left out of a month, and I can’t see myself ever coming back, despite having some great combat mechanics, that is the only positive element left in the game, and that appears to have been destroyed in a desperate attempt to fill out near empty games by mix and matching differing tiers that allows top end gear against entry level gear…


I could actually forgive the lack of content, or at least remain patient in it’s addition over time, but the fact is, it’s been a month, and I’ve seen exactly 1 piece of content addition (to the game mode that I don’t care about and already has the most content).  In the game’s current state of stability, content should really be your primary focus outside of showstopping bugs, as it’s certainly shiny now, it just needs content to keep people interested and playing (FYI, you’re going to need about 20-30 times more content before release).


You’ve also made some rather ridiculous design decisions that simply destroy players’ desire to keep playing.  You handed 12 year olds, the ability to aggravate and annoy all players in the game with no repercussions.  You effectively stonewalled the ability to progress in both ships and gear (both reputation wise and now money wise) without a stupid amount of time investment that only highschoolers can commit to.  And now you’ve illustrated that you cannot even comprehend a fundamental question of balance by allowing top end and bottom end ships/gear to intermingle.


I’ve lost all faith in your ability to produce anything that I’d be interested in (again, despite having excellent combat engine mechanics), and I just want my money back for the remainder of my monetary investment.  You potentially had a hugely massive hit on your hands, but it’s been squandered by design decisions that are going to kill any chance of survivability.  I’ll be shocked if this game is still alive in 6 months.


So I ask, how do I go about getting a refund on my remaining license?



I would  be shocked if the game is alive in 1 month at this rate…

But you know you were putting your money in a game that ist still in beta?? I think you have really luck if you get your money back. Why didn’t you had the time to wait until the game is finished? Did you hoped for a finished game wich you can play for 2-5 years without any more changes? In BETA???

Jebus, all I can say is Amin! Too bad all mature and sensible players like you are on their way out - and for good reason. 

As far as I know, since payment was carried out online, there is a relatively long period during which your bank will allow you to ask for a chargeback, I plan to visit my bank on monday and ask to see if I can chargeback. It’s not about the money (a measly 100 Euros) - it’s the principle of the thing.


I think these people accidentally ended up with a really good game, but were in fact planning to just make a WoT clone that would give them a quick buck. Being slow minded, they failed to see the huge potential of the game they created and just went ahead with their scheme.


Too bad, but this is typical of “entrepreneur” mentality in Eastern Europe and Russia (I’m from that particular xxxxxxx of the world so I’d know). 

simply… u cant get your money back because u didnt bought the licence… u bought the golds and then u got the licence with them…

Wasn’t it a free game ? with no money cost ?


some people got the steam DLC pack. thats some gold currency, a special vip thing and ships.


i was planning to but always putted it off because i was considering a t4 ship, when i noticed most t4 fed ships have poor tanking and decided to do it later, when id get jericho t4. now im not sure how this ship will stay afloat, but i really want to.


i really would not mind a corp war mode with unlocked tiers.