How do I activate me Beta key!?

Can’t figure it out. No where on the sites does it have a beta key activation area.


I received my key from


Any useful help?

Make sure the site you are receiving the key is legit. You may have just gotten a virus but i’m not sure.

It might be a steam key. If you have steam, simply launch the steam client, go to the “games” tab at the top, click “activate a product on steam” and then input your code. If you don’t have steam, get it.

Hi there Traulus, the key you received is not a fake.


To redeem your key you have to:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the Login button (top right)

  3. Login using your Gaijin account (it’s the same as your forum account)

  4. You should be redirected back to the home page

  5. Click the redeem button on the home page and enter your key

  6. Open the Game Launcher and Launch the game! Enjoy!                        


OR  6) if you use Steam open up steam and click on the Icon far top left and click offline mode, once steam has restarted click Library and Launch Star Conflict. Then just login with your account and enjoy invasion!