How do deactivate "send ships away" missions?

How can I get rid of the “mission faces” on the side of the screen? I’m ok with the faction and event missions, but I hate all the flashing from those “send your ships away to get free loot”. The blinking keeps annyoing my eyes, and I don’t have the amount of ships to support these missions, nor am I interested in any of the loot. I have like 6 of them, and it’s just annoying spam.

You can not ‘disable’ them, you can accept and Cancel, but they will come back.

You will get two per day. You can cancel them and voilá!


They will come back every day in case you are interested…

I can only cancel one mission per day (shared by all missions), and the cancelled one gets replaced by a new one of the same type instantly.

So nope, that doesn’t help at all.


I have missions for up to 7 days. That’s 7*2 = 14 obsolete symbols, requiring up to 14*5 = 70 ships, which are blocked for up to 7 days so I can’t use the ships I’m currently leveling or just want to play because I like them. The loot is just random crap that I don’t care about.


Useless spam that I cannot remove from my vision makes me sad :frowning:

Well, the only choice you might have atm is ignoring them, maybe the devs are going to implement a feature to disable them somewhen.

Until that…

Deal with it.

Click the face


Click “okay” or “accept”


No more blinking.