How can I get a refund?

Starting playing game, was having fun in PVP and PVE…


Patch came through and all of a sudden Im being put against Tiers higher than me, I can’t kill people in PVP… like… at all. I can sit there and shoot shoot shoot and they just don’t die.


PVE just seems to be a joke because all the bosses just went up in HP by like 20x as much but my weapons only do 10% more dmg… so its just pecking away at a boss/turret that isn’t hard to beat… but just takes too long.


SO yeah, I’d like a refund… the PVE thing alone would have been fine… but I don’t know why I decided to support this company and then come to find out I’m being matched against people waaaay better than me in terms of ship strength and It’s just annoying.

I’d start by talking to customer support and submitting a ticket. 


good luck in other games.

For what it’s worth, I too was quite distressed when the new matchmaking started and I was being placed in games with T4 ships (I was flying T2 at the time).  However, I found that the matchmaking algorithm corrected pretty quickly and everything settled down within about 5 or so games.  It seems pretty reactive, even much later on.  If I have a string of wins I find that I start getting matched with tougher opponents, and if I begin to lose a lot the opposite happens.


Perhaps give it a few more goes and see how you fare?

Generally speaking, micro transactions are non refundable.




Purchases or redemptions of third party virtual currency to acquire a license to use virtual items are non-refundable.