How are the faction wins determined in Sector Conquest ?

Since we are Mercs and every mans loyalty for himself (according to both lore and ingame mechanics) what determines the outcome of a sector battle. Does it base on player’s origins participating in the battle ? Then what happens when both sides have same amount of players of same origin,a anyways win situation for that faction ?

Is it possible for a sector battle to feature both sides of same loyalty at all ?

Besides that what does owning a sector provide besides an bigger e-peen for the owning corporation.

If you are a merc, then your contributions are based on which contract you have, not your origin. The matchmaking will still pit you in fights against people on the same faction, but the contributions are based on who actually wins. So if it’s a battle of Feds vs. Feds, the win/loss kind of evens things out =/.


Right now sector ownership doesn’t have tangible benefits aside from bragging rights. Also note contributions from all Tiers are tallied.