Hourly mission: Combat Drone category

Hey i’ve been getting that mission a few times this week: The hourly mission that require to get a medal in the ‘‘Combat Drone’’ category such as Droneless. I find this quest too difficult and time consuming for a hourly mission and i was wondering if some of you agree with me about that? I kept asking in the chat when i get a mission with Beacons to let me destroy the drones but no one listen to me the result? lots of raging because of how much the team never listen.

So my suggestion is to change the requirement of the mission to get ‘‘There will be drone blood’’ instead since that kind of mission belong more to a daily mission than a hourly mission.

In the end i managed to do it but i was lucky…

Just never mention it, grab a ship with warp, and just stalk enemy beacons for a few battles. Gotta kill 4 drones. One EM torp will take out all the drones on a beacon in CTB.

I was lucky because in PVP, i got Domination (not the best but close.) even though we lost the battle, i still managed to get my medal.

You basically need to kill 4 drones, it can be tricky.