“Hostile Waters” Event


Attention! The event is now available to all pilots. The experimental destroyer appears in the location at the start of every even hour (12:00, 14:00, 16:00 etc.) in case there is at least one pilot in the location. If the location is empty, the destroyer does not appear.


Hint: try to enter the location early, at least 5 minutes before the destroyer’s emergence.


The experimental destroyer, known among the mercenaries as “Wood louse”, often appears in the new location of the Open World “Dreamland”. Access to the location is possible through the gates from the location Station “Guardian-17”


The UMC promises to generously reward those who help to successfully complete the operation to eliminate this ship. They say that they will even allocate particularly valuable resources to improve the Ze’Ta Ellydium destroyer!


The rift in space, which was formed as a result of a certain experiment, allowed the imperial military from the station “Guardian-17” to get into the location “Dreamland” and even assemble a small outpost at the boundary of the rift.



Unfortunately, the Empire currently lacks the strength for a full-fledged operation. The UMC proposes to use mercenaries. The operation will be overseen by the tribune of Imperial security Olaf Larsen.


A truly deadly test awaits in the rift! No one knows for sure what this huge experimental destroyer created by the Enclave is capable of, but there are rumours that it can be restored using the strength of the ships that are in its way!

We already met a problem with this sector. We created a wing of 11 pilots and when we crossed the gate we were thrown to five different instances. For the next hour we were trying to get back to Guardian-17 and back, resulting in 7 people in one instance together. 

Can it be fixed somehow, so a wing will end in one instance together?

Hasznos írni?


“A kísérleti romboló  minden páros óra elején (12:00, 14:00, 16:00 stb.) Megjelenik a helyszínen, ha legalább egy pilóta található a helyszínen. Ha a hely üres, akkor a romboló nem jelenik meg.”


Valaki találkozott egy kísérleti pusztítóval?