Horror Games

So, for awhile now I’ve had a strange fascination with a game that I never knew existed, but has been around for quite awhile.


Don’t know if anyone has ever heard of Five Nights at Freddy’s, but it’s amazing how well paced it is and how it builds to the game-ending jumpscares.


Even more amazing is the fanbase surrounding the games. Don’t know why, but the way they make anamatronic manikins so darn creepy is fascinating.



Its creepy… but also so cute.

Its creepy… but also so cute.


The bunny character in the video is Springtrap, an animatronic character that could alternately be worn as a costume suit by opening up his endoskeleton and locking it in place via spring locks.


A child murderer who had been using the pizza joint as a hunting ground had used the Springtrap suit to lure kids to their death in one of the back rooms. Years later, when the spirits of his victims started to hunt him by possessing other animatronic characters, he sought to escape by hiding in Springtrap once more. Unfortunately the suit had been stored in a very leaky back room and the spring locks were rusty. The suits locking mechanism failed, and crushed the murderer to death within it.


Now Springtrap exists as a horrific fusion of human remains and robotic parts, possessed by the spirit of a serial-killer.