Homing Laser is phenomenally awful

Low DPS for starters, but this is offset by the fact that it can hit multiple targets at once in a hit-scan manner with auto-aim, it’s basically a forward facing pulsar with heavy energy requirements.


The real problem here is that it’s glitchy and absolutely brokenly useless when a target closes range and starts orbiting you. The weapon will NOT lock on whatsoever, which completely nullifies its niche use as a weapon for mass numbers of small, agile, fragile targets. In these circumstances the reticule starts blinking and spazzing out.


Is this intended? Is it only meant to be used at long range? Building for that makes an already weak weapon barely even tickle, and you’re practically defenseless either way due to the pitiful DPS, there’s much better and more flexible weapon options.

The aim prediction for most weapons is pretty hopeless as soon as the target is close and/or very fast.