"Holy Inquisition"





We got a message about the mass infection of the ships! We have to prevent the epidemic and do not allow the biomorphs get to our battle fleet!


The Centre’s request:


You will get access to the experimental weapons! You have to destroy suspicious ships by using “RIV Inquisitor” rocket!

The infected ships are among all combat roles - destroy at least one of each of them!



Start of the operation: 30th October


End of the operation: 5th November




You will get the rank and achievement as a reward!







I would love that the achievement be called “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!”

If we’ve already got witch hunter, will that be changed to inquisitor now?

That girl is hotter than Ariphes…

I want the wallpaper … in HD … PLEASE    008j.png

Can I just have the girl walking? That switch she has going on is mean.

Where is this Holy Inquisition stuff ? I just see the missles from last years event ?


If this is the same as last years event, with the same title to be won ?  If so why bother installing the missles if you already have last years title ?


There is no mention of a “RIV Inquisitor” rocket in my missle inventory, just last years MEM III rocket for my guard… so what gives ?


Who ever is translating these messages in to English is doing a xxxx job, they make no gramatical sense, and are always lacking in specific information, far too vague.

That girl is hotter than Ariphes…


That’s because Ariphes doesn’t display her cleavage.

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I did what was requested, but all I got was the “old” Witch Hunter Achievement, not Inquisitor or somesuch. Is this bugged? Does it work as advertised for anyone? Has this been tested before release?


No mate. That is exactly what you get. It’s the same event from last year. No bug.


But you do get GS for the achievement now, so there is that.

So basically, there’s no reason to try to do it if you already have 'WITCH Hunter" completed.


Good to know that the event is only for new players.


At least they spend more time on the artworks than on the actual events/missions.

you get the GS 

The last time this event was active, ships couldn’t take an unlimited number of missiles into a match. So getting the title was a lot harder.


I was short of getting it last year by 2 ships: Kill an LRF and a Recon. Lucky for me, my previous progress still counted, so I got it pretty quick.