hiring backup ships

I was wondering if this could be put in place where you can hire station ships like for example the family guards from Jericho you could hire like 1-5 of them for 50k credits each that could help you with daily assignments


cause if there is a assignment asking you to escort a mendez transport in ruined station that’s just a suicide mission doing it alone…so i hope this could be a thing

Mendes transport in ruined station - Hunter + biomorphs will spawn literally 1 km from the transport path. And the main problem is - there are multiple spawn points located like this. It looks like follows: Spawn, transport being targeted, transport down. In few seconds. I’m always skipping this mission after few hours of trying and succeeding once. Similar mission is in in Vanguard outpost, where predator is spawning at the last 25% of transport path. This one can be beaten with LRF, but if your timing is wrong, he will respawn just in time to kill the transport. Few Katanas will not help in those missions at all. 

One of the best bets is to utilize a decent guard in T5 fit with anti em, large amounts of shield regeneration, and so on.  Heavy blasters with curved reflector for the damage needed and torps. 

if you have trouble, bring a friend with a similar fit. 


In other words, Brawl with the biomorphs until they submit.

It doesn’t work. Preds and hunters have pulsar. And they are spawning 1 pred with 2 hunters in those sectors. You can have all EM and thermal resists, but all Jericho guards are going down. The only method I found that works is LRF - shoot them once, move 2k to stay away from pulsar and finish them from cloak,

Your build works nicely on Inquisitors in stripped deposits or anywhere else where there is no hunter-predator combo. 

Hello, there is many corporations, its a coop game and not a solo game…

So i’m not going said yes to that. And you have tactic to do this kind of missions.

Tacklers, you take them far of the transports, you bring them to guard turret or guard ship.

A good guards like the T REX mk2. With decents mk 2 stuff you can actually kill predator with using asteroid and others obstacles^^

its a coop game and not a solo game…


This is not how it works. >90% of all gamers play solo or with a few friends. People don’t want to be dependent on others. So we can yell “get a dude to help you” all day long, but it won’t change the fact that people simply don’t always want organized coop. The game (development) should adjust to the players, not the other way around.


But yeah, many open world pieces are pretty much unaccessible for solo players, and currently the only option is to bring a friend or two. And even then it might be too hard. :frowning: