Hilariousness in Combat Recon.

Okay so here is the run down. 


My ship is a interceptor with a single Nuke on it. I go as far up as possible to get out of range of the other players. Usually the captain can always see me but since I got one of my teammates to distract him, He didnt notice death from above. 


I boosted right into him, hit him with my special, launched a rocket, switched to my nuke, all in rapid succession, dealing a ton of damage. But that didnt kill him outright (Damn frigate), I only took out 3/4 of his shields. 


Needless to say, I set my nuke and counted 5 seconds mentally and made sure to position my self behind him. (And him being non the wiser to notice a blinking ball of doom right next to him) Once it exploded he died instantly, while I survived on 12 HP left from being hehind him.


Was the most intense 14 seconds of my life. And the match was won in a record of 2 minutes…Though My ship does not have unlimited boost it takes some team work to distract him. I thank my Corp members (Stoned Assassins) for the help! Could not have done it without you! 

nice…next time make sure to make a video :smiley:

I forgot to activate fraps…*Smacks head*