Hijacked Fighter's Entropy Generator does insane damage to destroyers.

What happened:

Entropy Generator used by Hijacked Fighters in Operation Monolith mission does insane damage to destroyers, easily destroying these ships. ~70-80k damage every few seconds(this module used by NPCs has also extremely low cooldown) is too much.


What should happen:

It should deal less amount of damage damage.


How to replicate this bug:

  • Take a destroyer in Operation Monolith mission.

  • Get hit by Entropy Generator.


It’s the same with Cargo Ship in the mission, Cargo ship loses ~45% HP total from this module however I don’t have logs of that situation.



[logs.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17234)




It also destroys completely the ship dock if hit.

Entropy generator on Stingray deals roughly the same damage to destros in pvp (about 7k per tick), but not with the same fire rate. Since those are pve mobs, it should deal significally less damage. Not quite a bug, rather oversight that need to be balanced. Monolith with this and ECM Moriarty virus that targets ONLY destros makes this mission extremely not destro friendly.

Cargo ship, missile launchers, spec ops shells/cores, cruiser all counts as destroyer for Entropy by the way.

Basically as Rob said, it’s a balancing issue with the module when the devs tossed it to the Ai as they didn’t lower the DoT against Destroyers… which with the Moriarty virus + general CQC nature of the map makes Monolith hell for Destroyers which is basically the literal inverse of what we had on the test server ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)

1 Entropy generator hit = half HP gone for cargo ships, ship docks, and your Tyrant if you don’t have Shield Splitter fitted. And yes, their spawn invulnerability timer allow them to fire two shots before you can even damage it.