Highly fluctuating ping, very laggy gameplay

The issue I’m seeing is a consistently fluctuating ping. Meaning, one second the ping will be around 30 - 50, and the next it will rise to 250 or greater. Sometimes my screen locks up for a second or more, then returns to very low ping. I ignored this as standard latency at first because of my router and/or internet connection (although I don’t have this issue with any other games. same computer and same router). I have since played Star Conflict from 2 different locations (one a T1 connection with a corporate grade router, the other at 16Mbps with a standard home router) and two different machines, one of which I’m including details for in my log. The other machine is on par with the best Alienware machine available to the public with a dedicated 1 gigabit dual-band wireless antenna. Again, no such issues with any other games I play. This issue occurs every time I play Star Conflict, even during seemingly low player times. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it simply the area I play from? (around Atlanta, GA. USA). Any information would be helpful, since I genuinely enjoy this game though it is oftentimes frustrating to grit through heavy battles with fluctuating latency.




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