Highest Synergie Reward 488'530



I got this today and would be interested if someone can beat it: 488’530 Synergie in one single battle







I remember one of my corp members saying she got 700k synergy in 1 match, I will see if I can get her to give me the screenshot if she has it.

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hmm T4 with all gold modules, all FS, premium, boosters and x2/3 daily will easily beat you during this T4 event

I hit those numbers at least once or twice a night, sometimes more. Sucks that most of the time its on a premium ship so only 20% of that is usable.

Being at 180% or so fleet strength, and owning all dlc, plus license at all times helps boost these numbers.

I Think 2 dlcs maybe 3 give 10% synergy bonus. Also last implant I have is set for 10% bonus. I also have some gold modules and weapons for the 3% each bonus on some of my ships.

I dont think that part helped me no change before or after. I think I wasted some gold.


Many times I get more synergy than gold.  I believe using my modules and timing them, so I have the maximum effect to help my team is responsible for those numbers.

In setting you can make the score thingy display synergy gains instead. It teaches what gets most synergy. 720k was most synergy I have ever got. I hit 550k to 640 once a week or so.

But most of it is wasted because of the premium bull crap.


Premiums should be all free synergy in my opinion considering t5’s are like 30 bucks each. I Pay to grind less.