Higher Tier Implants

 Looking at the higher Tier Implants  T13-15  has anyone seen it to be particularly good to go back through the grind if you have already achived T15 with one faction ?


Other than of course getting a line of or one particular ship.



Specially looking at implants T14-15 are about the same for all three.

R13 depends on modules and type of play. Fed R14 can be countered by spy drones and is pretty weak, R14 Jericho is always helpful, R14 Empire can be situationally the most helpful. The extra  resource bonus of all the R15 implants works on all ranks.

Oh yea let me add… 


To get to this point of being RANKED 15 in one faction   ( achived this past Sunday) as I started this game on 10 June of this year playing at least 3 hours A day…EVERY DAY… I think it comes out to about 2 months 2 weeks 1 day…time 


my status showed so far just over 18 hours in Battles    or 2,123 to be exact




The SAD part was how much it costs as it amounted to about (over $800.00) spent on GS to get there … reluctantly paying for transfer of sysgen (or whatever it is called) to rank up the ships so you move on to the next ship.    


Buying of prem ships helped in getting the Ranked implants quickly but you still forced to grind through the ship lines.    


Biggest surprise was though I stayed in the FED faction and progressed ranking though FED Armada because I focused on  Command Ship line I picked up ranking in both Imperial and Jericho … with Jericho the quickest… (being they have more Command ships)  



Will there be a large number of people willing to go down this FAST TRACK route (W2P Willing to Pay)? 


I am sure I am not the first to go down this path…

The question is, why would anyone want to.  i Just hit Tier 3 and to my surprise 70% of the matches i now run i get lumped in with tier3 and tier 4 ships with purple mods and corp attack squads that can roll me over and baste me before i can even lock onto one.  After meeting that i don’t feel the need to spend any more money on the game as T3 and beyond just inst fun. i mostly play T2 PVP now as i find it a more fair playing field and its not heavily populated by arranged corp squads.  All those top tier implants… although they look really nice, its not worth the pain to get them at the moment for me.  Ill stay at rank 7 implants for now :slight_smile: