(higher) rank grinding tips

I currently play star conflict (on steam) as briantien400, so, just using my gaijin ent. account from War Thunder here.

I need some tips on grinding my Fox and my Raptor Mk II.

I want to at least get the silent Fox, but please, tell me if I should get a tackler or gunship? I haven’t used gunships a lot but I have massive credit reserves an my stuff are all upgraded to mk2 at least so, I can take a risk or two. Havent touched a gunship since last year. I’m an expert tackler, at least by my books, getting the same kills and double the assists as guard frigates and such. So, that’s 1. gunship or tackler, essentially, which wolf should I get? I want to the Tiger so I guess tackler, but any tips?


Next, I know I’m gonna grind the engineering frigates cause first they are nice and important units in a team and the federation frigs look cool.  Any tips on grinding these ships?


Next, I need overall tips on how to KILL THOSE DAMNED OVERPOWERED RANK 9 BOTS IN PVE WITH A RANK 4 OR 5.

I try using my fox and get killed by 2 Crus frigates. Then I try my alligator guard frigate, I use the phase shield for thermal weapons, my shield is gone and my health is less than 10. Barely survived that one. either rank 4 and 5 cant do crap against them, my ships are level 1 and 2, or purely by coincidence my teams are all xxxx or bots. I had a battle where the other three died with collisions against the cargo ships and rocks and I had to survive with a Swift M. yay…


So, yeah, just need tips, all will be appreciated.