High Tiers being discriminated.

I noticed that a lot of events (e.g. “Hunt the Community Stuff”) and special activities (Tournament, dreadnought battles) are limited to T3 (T4 dreadnoughts for iridium-rich corps).  Its quite disappointing when it shows up that the most powerful and desireble T5 ships have no other use than simple PvP, PvE or roaming around in Open Space. Is there still a point to work for T5 ships, when endgames like Dread Battles require Tier 3, a star counterpart for Volkswagen Golf? 


I have 2 petitions to game developers:


1. Please allow high tiers to  ALL events.


2. Please introduce T4 and T5 tournament.


Please write Your opinions below.


Events are often T5, of course not always.

Point about making Staff Hunt T3 this time, is that there are few new players who might be interested into that. And if they make it T5 many players would be discriminated. And i would say it’s better to discriminate some ships than players. There will also be T5 Staff Hunts, don’t worry.

When you do an event like Hunt the Community Staff, you want as much ppl as possible to attend. If you put it to T5, you are reducing a lot the amount of ppl who will attend. 

T3 is often picked for events such as “Hunt the Community Staff” due to the fact that a significant majority of the player base has T3 ships, making it the most accessible.

There are T5 tournament events every so often, but devs keep it mixed up and never do the same tier for a major tournament twice in a row (or very rarely do the same tier twice in a row).


T5 dreadnoughts are coming in a future update, and no, T4 dreadnoughts are not for iridium rich corps. It costs the same amount of iridium to attack a T4 sector (or an insignificant amount more). It only seems that iridium rich corps hold T4 sectors since they are typically the best-equipped in T4 as well as the fact that they have lots of good players.


I do agree that high-tier weekend tournaments should be added, instead of limiting it to just T3. Since there are 3 tournaments, maybe do 1 for each tier, or 2 for T3 and 1 for T5.


All in all, yes, there is a point to get T5 ships. There are two different end-games in the current meta. 1 is dreads, which currently is T3 and some T4 (soon to be T5). The other end-game meta is T5 pvp. This is where the best pilots and most experienced pilots are going to play, and it is also the most rewarding tier. Secret Project ships are part of the PvP end-game meta, as they can only be used in T5, giving another reason to work your way up there.

We already had T1-T5 Community Hunt events, but sometimes we also want to give average players a chance. For this purpose T3 is usually the most fitting.

As Error has said there was and there will be different events for differents tiers. Please, just be patient.

Id like to uptade the thread with a new tought about T5 dreadnoughts that just came to my mind. **&nbsp;** Its quite obvious that were going to have 3 T5 dreadnought zones being active in different time. This means that maximally 8 corporations will be able to attack sectors in &nbsp;T5 dreadnoughts at the same time,&nbsp;<u>[8, instead of 80 in jericho zone]</u>&nbsp;probably less because of fake attacks and no-show-ups. **&nbsp;** Thats quite exclusive, isn`t it? 


PS. Question to Developers: Will we see more Frontier Sectors in the future?