high-ranked contracts get automatically on cool-down state for 8 hours

Bug report: (contract/assignment system issue)


What happened?

Most of the contracts which were not supposed to be completed in PvE, all of the sudden got automatically on cool-down mode for 8 hours or 15 hours, while all I was only doing is Fire support PvE mission.

No rewards were given for such contracts , they were not listed in the notification screen. This issue simultaneously affects all 3 factions at once!


What did you expect?

Proper operation of the Contract System. Something is amiss.


How to replicate this bug?

Unknown. It possesses capabilities that my analysis cannot measure.

1.) Just jump (transition) in hangar with Tier V ships (800000 credits) a few times and observe the contracts each time you do so.
2.) On my 3rd jump (back to the same hangar - Federation, that I was already docked in, where I began daily Open Space mission first), contracts will reset to 16 hours or less, depends on the contract cool-down.

Bug is easy to replicate and it requires no PvE sessions to play at all.
Also, This issue could be timed with the ships’ containers and a timer, but I think that it may not be related at all.


Possible simulation:

Equip Mauler and 3 other rank 13 ships. Put the Mauler in slot 3.

Select the Brokk rank 13 package from the event (10 wins - Fire support PvE mission).

Grind for 10 wins in a row and observe the contract system for all 3 factions, after each completion of the mission.



I suspect that when packages get a cool-down period, those contracts for all 3 factions get it as well.


Logs are provided. You’re welcome to dissect them. Mostly only grind sessions from PvE for Brokk parts.





Update: Today’s logs: (should be very helpful - they contain the error when the contracts went reset, before I logged-off)




Update 2:


I managed to track down the problem on my own.

How to reproduce this bug:

1.) Activate the Brokk’s mission rank 13 package (not sure, if this is connected to the issue itself).

2.) Start in Federation’s hangar, do Federation’s Open Space mission, then Migrate to Jericho and do Jericho’s Open Space mission and the same for Empire’s Open Space mission.

     After that is done, TRANSITION AGAIN to Federation’s hangar and check the contract tree! It’s always matched with the timer from the ship parts!

3.) Compare your logs with mine and determine the problem.




oh so that was the problem happened to me too…

same here

oh so that was the problem happened to me too…


same here


Please, provide logs, it might help a lot.

unfortunatly i dont know the date when its happened it was b4 a week i guess…

Check recent logs. They are short and they will point out the problem. I logged-off shortly after spotting it.

Check today’s logs, Skula1975.



Update 2 logs are the most useful. You should check them as well.