Hiding In-game HUD

Hi guys… here is the thing.


    I am trying to do some videos and i notice that if i could Hide all the HUD menu i could do some nice video editions and also help to show how amazing this game is/can be.


    I Did search for it in the forum and i found a solution that it was also a bug… One of the GameMasters was having trouble with it… He/She has a Azerty keyboard that when press W+ALT or S+ALT (on qwerty layout), had the HUD hiden, and the pretty soon after the post it was corrected by the admins.(The post is [HERE](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18211-alt-z-alt-w/))


   And yes i tried to find some usually Keys that are mostly used on other games Like Ace Online i used to play… to hide the HUD i just needed to press CTRL+F wich i accidentally discovered (by the way its not shown on wiki’es , Keybindings or Forums at that time).


    But it think this is not a restricted use for GM’s and ADMIN’s only, like all the games i have played…

So the simple question…




And please Admins, Leave Practice Mode Free available If Possible


_ Thanks :smiley: _

You should be able to disable your HUD with ALT+H.