Hidden shipyard raid!



One hundred and twenty minutes ago the “Monolith” corporation put forward a contract for the capture of a shipyard belonging to “Chronos” corporation. “Monolith” Intelligence Division became aware that their rival is engaged in re-equipping its “Maelstrom” class dreadnought. “Monolith” management believes that this dreadnought would be much more useful to them than their opponents.

Shipyard whereabouts are kept in complete secret, only one thing is certain about - it is located in an icy asteroid belt. Due to this secrecy, delivery of mercenaries and their vessels to the site of the operation is carried out by “Monolith” — the corporation’s management is concerned that pilots can re-sell the information about the location of the shipyard to third parties. However, personnel department guarantees the safety of all pilots at the end of the operation and promises considerable rewards for the execution of the contract. As always — pilots who take part in the operation should not be afraid of any tensions with “Chronos”.

Intelligence Division prepared an operational plan for the capture of the shipyard , which consists of three steps:




  1. Immediately after launching from the carrier ship, the team of mercenaries will have to eliminate all the stationary defence points of the shipyard.
  2. Pilots will need to capture control points that are responsible for all the technical operations at the shipyard, including accounting for the distribution of various resources needed to re-equip the dreadnought.
  3. If “Chronos” left surprises somewhere in the shipyard and hid emergency beacons, pilots should be required to perform the third stage — defence of the captured shipyard from retaliating forces.

Note: “Monolith’s” Intelligence Division is not aware of the exact number of enemy forces in 1252 and its surrounding sectors, so in case of an alarm arrival of significant reinforcements is quite possible!

Following the operation, “Monolith’s” carrier will evacuate the mercenaries from the sector, and the corporation’s specialists will take it under their control.

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