Hi, I'm new in this game.

Hi, I’m new in this game.

Add me: BecksGold ;)wop

Downloading the game with speed of 56Kb/s :angry:

See you in 8 hours :facepalm:


the download started for me with 2Kb/s and should last 21days… after several restarts i had luck to get a good slot on the server and now it runs with >1Mb/s.

But it seems to me, that the launcher and the download-servers should be optimized or some people leave the game before entering the server.

Greetings and felicitations. New here as well. I’ll do some reading while the download progresses.

Will look over the pinned things, but are there any other threads/posts particularly useful to the new entrants to beta, that you vets would recommend?

Welcome :wink: