Here have an LRF flying at 5000m/s

it’s around for over a year and they still didn’t fix it XD

I want that you remove that new in that video tag, i posted that when invasion came out 1 year ago.

Also my record with that bug was 26km/s.

It’s new bc it’s the same thing I posted a week before yours, but in better quality. Xp

Also I really have no idea how fast I was going. My HUD was off for the video. I knew the number was high, I just don’t expect that high. XD *reviews notes*

I posted a week before yours, but in better quality. Xp

Can you even prove that? Mine was posted at 21th August 2014.

And fark the quality, i rek you with LRF, that’s why i don’t need quality.  :004j:

I guess you win this one. There isn’t a way to tell when I recorded it I don’t think.

Bug report:


Skula1975, where are you?                :006j:

We need you!                                :012j:

Post this under bug report.

Ask Error to move the thread and explain the issue.

So, you have the honor of doing the job for me.

Ask OmegaFighter, if you got any questions, since he was the 1st to post this bug report over 1 year ago!

It’s game mechanics, also can happen with recon but no big effect because interceptor doesn’t drift well backwards >:)

It’s a bounding error, I think. It doesn’t do this in PvP because invasion keeps you in map by pushing back on you as you fly out of it, even though there’s still some space outside the map. Trying to microwarp out won’t get this result because it’s a movement function, whereas reverse thruster is a teleport that ignores the pushback bound.


PvP/PvE just has a zone allocated for players, and flying out of it will destroy your ship before you reach the true edge of the map.


Fixing this may force them to redefine how they limit the outside of the map. That could take a while.

It still happens with micro warp, I.e the ship will reach speeds of minus 3000 as it gets pushed back in. It doesn’t get as far out as the lrf and the interceptor slows down faster.

And if you crash, you’ll reapawn somewhere completely opposite of where you hit. XD

Your debris might even kill something if station protection is off!