"Hephaestus" MK-IV [Ship]

The empire has long been looking for a long range frigate capable of attacking enemies behind cover, and their answer came to them in the form of a discontinued line of mining frigates from the “Hephaestus” series, this ship started out as a simple mining ship that used nano-machines to harvest resources with minimal collateral damage. The MK-II variant came equipped with weapon slots for defense against pirate attacks. The MK-III model had shield generators to increase it’s effectiveness against any of the alien threats that it would encounter. However, the shield tuning wasn’t enough to defend the ships against alien threats, and the cost was too great for the imperial mining committee’s budget, so the line was shut down. Several years later an imperial engineer came across the blueprints and started modifying the model. After some significant modifications to improve the ship’s cost efficiency, update the ship’s equipment, and make sure that it fit the UMC’s clearance system. The engineer has now, with the help of the empire, patented the “Hephaestus” MK-IV as a long range frigate with a heavily reinforced hull, at the cost of shield strength, engine power, and capacitor power


Name: “Hephaestus” MK-IV

Faction: Empire

Class: Long Range Frigate

Rank: 9

Hull strength: 18940

Shield strength: 4490

Shield regen: 90

Capacitor strength: 916

Capacitor regen: 100

Speed: 156

Afterburner speed: 178

Afterburner energy use: 250

Reverse speed: 41

Strafe speed: 60

Roll: 30

Pitch: 25

Acceleration: 50

Sensor range: 5000


level 4 upgrades:

-hull strength increased by 10%

-hull resistance to all damages increased by 10 points

-hull resistance to kinetic damage increased by 30


level 8 upgrades:

-missile and missile cassette reloading sped up by 25%

-time to weapon heating increased by 50%

-main weapon damage increased by 18%


Special Module: Augmented Mining Beam

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Energy consumption: 256 points

Description: Fires a beam of nano-machines 10km long with a 50m diameter, the beam charges for 1 second highlighting its target before dealing 4k kinetic damage points directly to its target’s hulls over 2 seconds

Notes: effectively a pyro emitter, during the one second charge-up there is no damage dealt, one quarter of the damage is dealt every .5 seconds during the active mode, weapon rank increases module damage (white=200 green=400 blue=600 purple=800 orange=1000)


Weapon: Flak cannon

DPS: 1500

Rate of fire: 300

Damage: 300

Explosion range: 250

Proximity range: 100

Velocity: 7196

Range: 3450

Spread: 1

Heating: 15/3

Description: a rapid fire kinetic weapon with proximity rounds, great for taking out interceptors


Active module: Mining Hull Coating

Energy consumption: 325

Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Description: increases ship resistance to all damage by 50 points for 5 seconds, great for inhibiting burst damage


Active module: Nano-density disruption subroutine

Energy consumption: 160

Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Description: all targets hit by the next use of your special module have their damage resistances reduced by 35 points for 10 seconds, initially used for scavenging debris


so if it isn’t clear, the “Hephaestus” MK-IV is made to be a front line suppression style LRF, more akin to those of Jericho, rather than the Imperial sniper LRFs, so it is equipped with close range weapons, a resistance boosting active module akin to Karud’s shield seal, and a special module that can be effectively used at all ranges, at the cost of normal LRF firepower though



I don’t know what to say. I’m a rank 15 player, so i will not see your ship. I like more if it a t5 ship.

T3 is the heart of the game, plus that is a pretty silly point