Help With Seed Chips

Searched the forum for “Seed Chips PVE” nothing came up so here’s a new topic:

Need general advice on seed chip configuration
In PVE and SpecOps I fly;

Fed Destroyer R14 Attila Meson or
Naga R14 Empire Engineer


What do I use for seed chips ?

Stack Weapon efficiency / dmg ?

Are Seed Chip tank buffs worth it for PVE ?

The most effective way of increasing overall damage with chips is to increase it as much as you can in as many fields, more specifically elemental(kinetic, EM, thermal), regular damage, which only affects the main weapon, total damage, which affects modules(and weapons, I think), rate of fire, and even things which don’t directly increase damage, but help either way, alien damage is also very useful in spec ops and OS.


Another important piece of advice, chips increase damage from the base stats only, so the increase isn’t exponential.


Defensive chips are only useful in my opinion if you have good resistances on them, you have the blue chips which increase resistances for one damage type and decrease them for another, I wouldn’t recommend those, honestly, if you have a good enough damage output and dodging skills, you wouldn’t need to worry about tanking.

Gotcha, thx for the reply