Help with Saw One Build



I would like some help/suggestions on slot choices for a Saw One build. I don’t really want this ship to be an all-rounder, I want a really strong command ship that I’m only going to pull out in pvp or when the circumstances are right. I’m thinking:


Engine :     2

Shield:       3

Capacitor:  3

Hull:           1

CPU:          0


Building 9 Reactor modules to get the 3 capacitor slots on this ship is a real pain in the butt, but I’m hoping its worth it.




I’ve been using Saw One quite a lot lately, and this one seems to work fine.

Current passive modules are not set in stone, and I’m often using Iridium Heatsink and Pulse Discharger instead of CPR and Leak Stabilizer. With those two in place, Ion Emitter does 3300 dps, plus 45.8% damage from Valkyrie, and then add 39% crit chance and 103% crit damage on top of it. Almost like a gunship.

Some might question using the Tech Diffusion Shield, but it does have its uses, and it also changes the mechanics of using modules a lot. With Tech variant I don’t need to have as much energy production as otherwise would be reasonable, so I have freedom to focus on other things with my module slot layout / build. It actually is reasonable to use modules right before activating the Diffusion Shield, running batteries low all the time, and I don’t really have to care about ECM energy drain that much. Also, rather than using Diffusion Shield as the first line of defence, with this build I prefer to take hits to normal shield first, and then use Shield Booster right before activating Diffusion Shield.


Nice. Thanks :slight_smile: I might just use 2 capacitor slots instead of 3.

Mmm, interesting. I’m thinking of either a 1-3-2-1-2 or a 2-3-2-1-1 build. I just find 3 cap slots on commands too useful. Would be nice to see some other peoples builds for this ship.

It’s typically a good idea to have at least one CPU slot on any ship you have, since your crit values will almost certainly be suboptimal otherwise – and because proton walls are a really, really good idea in T5.


Besides that, you’ll want to decide what you want your ship to actually look like, besides “strong”. I’m not much of a command pilot, but I do know most command ships fall into one of two camps: Support or DPS. Support typically has diffusion tank, and DPS typically has faction-specific tank, but that’s not set in stone, as far as I know.


Although from looking at the build, it seems to be really quite capacitor focused, so it could be quite easily a support ship.


Again, not a command pilot, just dropping some information.

When you want to have a good diffusion shield you should go with 3shield slots(2 of these energy shields (200% more en capacity and -9% shield strength) and one EM resistance) and one passive hull and ofc the rank 7a implant and 12b. When you want a even stronger diff shield you can use some capacitor slots for energy but imo it is more useful to have some more dmg.

I would go 1-2-3-1-2 but I don’t fly commands that often and when I fly I use mostly empire commands.

Would anyone care to update this thread with current saw one builds, someone that has a saw one and is a command fan?