Help me understand how it works.

I’ll queue for matches just using 3 T2, and T2 only, advanced ships (Deimos 2 for example) and get steadily put into matches with T2, T3, advanced middle  tier 3(Black Elf, Prometheus Fire etc), and premium t4 ships(Atlas for example).


I’ll queue for matches using T2, and basic T3 ships, and get put into matches with T3 basic and advanced ships, along with basic T4 and premium T4.


I’ll queue for old T3 matches, T3 advanced ships, and get pair with T3 advanced and T4 advanced.



I’m not very good, well under a 1.0 w/l rating, and seem to be always out ranked in ship class rank.  Trying to figure out how to keep on a level playing field.


I really don’t dread advanced T2 vs basic T3, or advanced T3 vs basic T4 (you get the idea).  But advanced vs advanced of a higher tier seems insane to me, and it’s obviously not taking my skill into account, because like I mentioned earlier, I’m not that “baddie” everyone talks about, but I have rarely ever gotten a message after a match saying good job, or whatever.



Lots of T’s and numbers, if something confuses, say so, I’ll try to explain it better, I’ve never been accused of being all that bright!

it works by rank as i had tested with some corp mates.


rank 6 ships is more likely to see a tier 4 ship. rank 5 and 4 not so much.


my w/l ratio now sits comfortably at 1.14 and using rank 5 ships i can easily stand on t1~t2 matches with ocasional t2~t3. it also seems the “skill” factor is based on efficiency, so your low w/l ratio could be ignored because you are getting a high eff per match.