Help Choosing Eng Frigate

How the tittle says, i need help to choose what ship build.

I want one of those: Waz,Got ; HammerHead ; Scylla, which of this is better and why.




Thx all.

If you’re going for PvP opinion:

Hammerhead is useless
Waz’got is good for managing teams and keeping vital units alive
Scylla is the best for healing large targets (Frigates, Destroyers).

If you’re going for PvE opinion:

Hammerhead is Rank 17 so it’s by default best for killing pirate destroyers (waz’dum abuse)
Waz’got is mediocre due to Rank 15 cap - only really good for Temple of last hope healing.
Scylla is okay due to triple algorithm but honestly out damaged by Hammerhead.

aber ehrlich gesagt von Hammerhead beschädigt.?,… Wie m

nst du das?