Hello all,

Just wanted to say hello to everyone.

The game looks awesome and runs like a dream on my laptop. Thanks to the devs,

Hello and welcome to the game.

I am also playing with a latop on almost maxed settings and it runs really nice:)

See you in space!

I’m playing on a laptop on the other side of maxed.  The gaming industry tends to forget about “lower end” hardware, but at least the devs haven’t.

This game can run on low-mid setting on a new Intel Atoms “Bay Trail” (Mostly used in Tablets and Netbooks) with PASSIVE cooling (no fans)

3 year old mac book air, nuff said

My cooling fan on my Laptop stays constantly on while in the Game…  as soon as I exit Star Conflict… the fans turn off…



Oh yea… Welcome to the game …LOL 

I think posting my DxDiag would be a serious insult to some folks here  :lol:


And welcome!