Having trouble locking on to enemy ships.

I started playing this awesome game a few days ago, but i have a few questions about locking (targeting) enemy ships.


  1. I have the locking option (in game settings) set to Automatic, but it rarely actually does the automatic lock.

Usually i still have to press R to get it to lock… which is kinda opposite of what the Automatic lock is supposed to do :frowning:

Is there any way to make the game automatically “spam” lock on the enemy ship that my crosshair is currently over?


  1. When i am running away on my fast ships i sometimes get chased by equally fast enemy ships.

It would greatly help my escape if i could somehow lock onto the enemy chasing ship while he is behind me - but i do not know how to do that?!

I can’t turn my camera (in free look mode) to face the chasing enemy since then i would not see where my ship is flying (usually flying around rocks/debree so i need to constantly manuver).

So what is the fastest and easiest way to get a lock on someone who is behind me, and possibly behind a rock/wall as he is chasing me? (i tried using the Auto lock and Defensive lock options, but they just dont work)?


  1. Quite often it happens that my lock breaks for absolutely no reason!

This happens on pretty much all my ships, but is most often on the Harpy (first empire sniper).

Nearly every time i fire one of Harpy’s missiles, i lose the target lock on the enemy and then i have to relock.

It happens regardless of what ship i am attacking (even on the big Envoy and Raptor frigates) and it is quite annoying.


Thank you for reading and helping me out :slight_smile:



  1. You can set the specific options in your settings that once a target locked, it will not switch to another target, even if you shoot it.


  1. You can configure a key bind in the key settings that you can lock the target which has locked you. I configured this on my fifth mouse button for example.


  1. You lose sight of your target, if it gets out of your sensor range, or if an obstacle is in the way. For example an asteroid where your target hides.

3bis. The target activates a cloak or stealth module.

also little advice re 1: Start getting used to manual locking, bind a key to release your lock and eventually learn to shoot without being locked. Several reasons for that: e.g. you do not have to wait for locks to start hitting your target, you will keep hitting ships that cloak, you do not alert your target with the lock and do not allow it to lock you back at a key press, and in tier 3+ you do not provide extra resistances to your target (Gigas II implant).

Thank you for replying so quickly.



is there an opposite setting to the one you described under point 1?


I mean, can i make the game automatically switch (relock) onto the ship that is under my crosshair?


I don’ want to have to spam R every time i change targets, so i am hoping the game can automatically lock (or relock) onto the enemy ship that is under my crosshair?

automatic targeting locks whichever target you are shooting, but there’s no way to automatically target anything under your crosshair without shooting it I think

While slightly unrelated, I’d love a “Lock Nearest” keybind.

While slightly unrelated, I’d love a “Lock Nearest” keybind.

  1. Do not have a target locked

  2. Press “target any” key (or smth like that, “t” by default)

  3. Profit!

  1. Do not have a target locked

  2. Press “target any” key (or smth like that, “t” by default)

  3. Profit!

Almost.  It’s not reliable in my experience.  It may prioritize distance but it isn’t exclusively distance.


Also, setting a release lock keybind is one of the smartest things you can do because of the “lock who’s locking me” effect.