having matchmaking issues, what am i doing wrong?

as title said  when queing with my new friend to show him the game, i have all 3 slots filled with t1 ships and he has a starter ship, 3 matches in a row i’ve been put into exclusively T3 games, he’s getting shredded, and so am i, lol, do i have to make a new account or what, my tier 1 engis get one shot by t3 shrapnel cannons lol, it’s really bad

If genuinely true, this is the worst matchmaking we’ve seen.

You must be doing something wrong… You must have a T3 ship fitted onto your active hangar or something.


Either that or it’s business as usual, you’re being bumped up to T2 queues and those allow low-rank T3 ships to enter, “perfectly normal”.

In theory, if the MM system goes +/- 2 ranks, as we understand is the case atm, you could have been witness to the following situation:


  • Match is classed as ‘Rank 5’
  • You were entered with Rank 3 (Tier-1) ships - due to being considered ‘experienced’ compared to ‘real’ Rank 3 or below pilots. Plus you were in a squad which adds weight.
  • Some opponents were entered with Rank 7 ships (Tier-3), due to being considered ‘poor’ players by the MM system.


Behold - T1 and T3 together.


I have a poll going on this behaviour at http://starconflict.co.uk if you’re interested in providing your opinion. It takes 2 seconds to vote.

In theory, if the MM system goes +/- 2 ranks, as we understand is the case atm

It’s +/-3 Ranks, actually. Antibus checked with the devs.

In that case you can take my example, and witness an even worse situation.