Haven't received a purchase - DLC Archon

Hi i would like to report a missing item, I purchased the ship at 1.January 2020.

The steam account show the purchase, but the game client dont.

After few hours of no solving problem i had write a letter to Gaijin suport.

The id of reclamtion is  #832814 . since 4 days no respond. I had send all needed data. The Receip ,the dxdiag file.

What i should write more to get anyone to solve my problem.

Best Regards.

Steam (Valve) and Gaijin Entertainment have your report. The error has not been repaired. Report it to Targem Games http://targem.ru/en/

Please be patient, the issue will be taken care of next week as the holidays are still ongoing.

I’m not celebrating. I have to work on public holidays and Sundays. pathetic