Haven´t played this game since 2013, how is the balance of the game?

As in, what comps are most common, what are the broken classes and weapons?

Whole T5 with its implants.

I’d love to be able to say that the game is now balanced, but it is impossible to fully balance a game as complex as this without turning it into rock paper scissors. So here goes:

-any ship that can deal a large amount of damage in a short time is still very strong, for example cov ops, gunships and certain LRFs (depending on the build)

-ECMs in small matches or when there several of them on the same team

-craftable secret project ships can be very strong, once again depending on the choice of module slots and modules though

-as for the weapons, following the last balancing patch I finally think there is no obviously OP choice. Certain weapons are very strong on certain ships, but there is nothing that is broken, now that lasers have finally been nerfed. Indeed since the last path I have seen a large variety of weapons being used, including singularity, gauss and positron, which had been somewhat neglected in favour of the obvious lasers. On interceptors I am seeing all weapons being used effectively once again.

-the command ship’s ECM missiles are quite strong but I would not class them as OP. They can spoil your enemy’s day though, if timed correctly

-phaser on command is quite strong with certain builds

And last but not least

-teamwork and voice comms are, as ever, still very much OP. I hope they get nerfed in a coming patch!!

T5 is broken but everything else is pretty well balanced now

Good players are still pretty much OP.

Well,.it seems the game is more balanced, lets see if im able to play some games to check


Good players are still pretty much OP.


Well, since my attempts at humor seem to be as bad as my flying, try this instead:



Since everything important has been said, I will close the thread before it gets to offtopic and insults.