Has there always been a Conquest dreadnought in The Price of Trust?

So earlier today, I was playing through a Contracted level 20 Price of Trust. Everything was normal, we shut down the second Radar Station after destroying the Jammers, now defend Main Yada Yada, oh the youtube video I had on my second screen ended, 1 minute 29 seconds, what to watch next? Yeah, fly fly, shoot shoot, stuff blow up, QI? I think I’ve seen that one before, isn’t this mission done? Oh right, capture two points on the dreadnought, and… Wait, what?


Never seen this before, not sure where it came from as I wasn’t really paying attention at that point. Has that always been there and I’ve just gone a year and a half without ever seeing it? Because honestly it was kind of cool.

It’s among those missions where you get different objectives depending on your performance in the prior objectives.

The  enemy dreadnought stage  occurs if you fail to defend the major calibres - and yes it’s always been a thing. There are quite a few stages to Price of Trust but most people will never see them since higher level PvE’ers will never fail DPS check stages and most players generally don’t fail defence stages.

Good to know. Bit of a pity, though. It might be the rarity value talking, but I thought that was really interesting, and it’s a shame to keep a stage like that behind a gate most players won’t pass through.