Hardware Specs

My laptop has died so i am getting a new desktop computer and was thinking of buying a gladiator pc. It will have Intel Core i3-4150 3.50GHz Dual Core CPU and 4BG ram. For the GFX card I was thinking of ordering a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 1GB because they are fairly cheap and good value for the money (only 100 quid).


I am a computer n00b and wanted to know if anyone had ideas on what FPS I would get off this GFX card running star conflict on medium graphics? What GFX cards do people use and what FPS are they getting off medium settings? Thx for le help


(went for nvidia over amd because recording has less stress whilst playing a game according to the internet)


p.s cba to build my own pc

For 2014 an i3 really really outdated. Minimum i5. 

ok i can get an Intel Core i5-4590 3.30GHz Quad Core CPU for not much more ££

i would strongly suggest 760 or higher, not the 750, if you can get it for a similar price;


imho, in mid range its something like this

760 > 660Ti > 660 > 650 > 750


just sayin :) 

My Radeon HD 6870s are working fine in crossfire and I do 6000 x 1080p at around 60 FPS and around 40 FPS in hangar

I would suggest getting a system that supports hardware accelerated video encoding, with NVIDIA that is CUDA (or the newer NVENC), with AMD that is Video Coding Engine  and with  CPU that is Intel Quick Sync. That helps if you ever want to record games or do any kind of video encoding/rendering.


ok thx guys will take a further look

GTX 660 standard or Ti are great for SC. Also it will allow you to record games.


If you can, buy the 760. Much better, and the price difference is not that big.


Concerning the processor, I agree, minimum I5.


And RAM, I would recommend 8 GB minimum.

got the 760, cant wait for it to arrive :smiley: no more star conflict on 21 fps… .  .    .           .