Happy 'Universe Defender Day'



To celebrate the upcoming “Universe Defender Day” the Command has announced that on a festive weekend action all pilots will recieve:

**- 50% discount on ALL Т1 and Т2 ships!

  • 30% discount on 7-day Premium License**

Besides that, starting from 20:00 UTC February, 21 and ending at 19:59 UTC February, 23 there will be “Gold Battles” time, when pilots can get:

**- 50 GS for 3rd victory

  • 50 GS for 7th victory
  • 100 GS for 12th victory
  • 100 GS for 20th victory
  • 200 GS for 30th victory**

Thus, every pilot may recieve 500 GS!
Defend the Universe, be victorious in battles and have your rewards!

Don’t forget to tell your friends!

Star Conflict Team

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