just wanted to start this thread to say happy new years to everyone, and wishing good health, happiness, and plenty of killing spree’s for next year   

Happy New Year too!

Yay, Happy New Year to you and everyone else.


happy new years. 

Happy New Year to everyone around the world! Let’s make 2015 a great year.

Happy new year everyone!

Happy new years to y’all!!!Now give us dreadnought.

In order from greatest importance to least, here is what I personally believe should be accomplished in 2015 to make Star Conflict a great game:

~ +1/-1 Squad MM

~ Minimum Ship Rank Requirement in PvP

~ An Improved New Player Education; Scrapping the flawed Mentor system

~ TV and Computer Advertising

~ Dreadnoughts

Notice how this list suggests fixing or improving current content before adding new content. This game needs to gain and retain players on a much, much larger scale. This means fixing current problems so we don’t deter players, advertising the game and teaching new players the game.