Happy New Year

The whole Star Conflict team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish you in 2013, the year of dizzying space flights, even more breathtaking battles and dazzling victories! Happy New Year!

Asteroids in December

Are all in cheerful New Year’s ember.

Like Christmas trees all beacons shine,

Well polished from the past year’s grime.

The planets boast their frosty faces,

An azure star the background graces.

Mk.III gifts all ships expect,

The New Year’s eve they all detect!

Last year flew past like laser charge,

What do we hear in hangars large?

The Kremlin clock beats festive tune,

Twelve times our own fireworks boom!


i don’t know if it’s a maintainance or just a gift from the players towards the devs to show how awesome the game is


happy new year and a merry christmas :smiley: