Happy New Year SC

I just wanted to share the happy new year card i sent to them with that wish new year event.

Dear Star Conflict Team. In preparation to this marvelous, holidays and hoping you have

some time to enjoy!

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I Present you the transcript from all, empire, federation, Jericho and the new and now official faction of

Ellydium Corp which they’ve put togeter.

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It has been a long time dear creators, that we haven’t thought about you. Milleniums ago, when once we


were disconnected from each other. We were also All living in our own part of the universe. Hoping that “beings” or some

kind of god, would show us the way. Now Allied togeter to face a common treath and knowing that, we

only, are part of your big plan at…

**Résultats de recherche d'images pour « star gem »Star Gem **and all those who take care of our universe.

                            We pray for guidance in the form of a wish.

                             For you all to have, wealth, health and happiness!!!