Happy Birthday, Star Conflict!


Greetings, pilots!

It’s a special day today, on February 1st! On this day Star Conflict servers were launched for the first time!

For 9 whole years now, you, our players, have been continuously following with us along a path. An endless path, like the universe itself. Among you there are ordinary mercenaries, faction fighters, brave pirates, crystallids and even high-tech artificial intelligence!

9 years is a long time. This is the time of the formation and destruction of ideals, entire civilizations, tremendous progress in the capabilities of the fleet and technology. The world was moving from the path of three factions to a global factional conflict and hundreds of corporations. And some of them reached such heights that they began to produce their own, incredibly powerful fleet. Yes, we are talking about Ellydium.


For 9 years, our game has seen many radical decisions and changes, each of which brought its own results. But with the help of these changes, Star Conflict became what it is now. And this is our common achievement!

Your feedback and your opinion became fundamental for our further actions in many aspects. For us, you are one big family, with whom we have been living for these 9 amazing years.


We still have an endless path ahead, which we also want to walk with you!


Congratulations, pilots! Thank you! You’re breathtaking!

there are few games that have been around this long. Sure, there might be some annoying parts in the game (looking at you, pirate ecms) but i have to say: congratulations.

Maybe for the 10th anniversary you will do a massive update? Like Star Conflict 2.0. Once there was talk of a new game engine when war thunder got it maybe this time sc will get it? Maybe leave the lowest graphic settings because half of the players uses old pc but add a higher maximum. You can also refresh old maps just like you did with Ellidium Theta. And it would be useful to advertise this game that there were more players and that the game would last another 10 years.