Hanging out my Shingle for a stable corporation with a full crew of active pilots

An old veteran dedicated loyal pilot with good experience and fair skills is looking actively for a corporation equally active and dedicated to expanding it’s standings and in developing the new class of dreadnoughts and the shipyard needed to build it.  Can contribute towards this end in a significant manner as well as lend leadership capabilities in battle and recruitment.  Please consider this request.  Thanks - p.s. can provide screen shots as a form of resume


In Game name:  aAlyoshaz

Activity level: Daily

Time Zone: USA (Eastern)

Might be worth your while applying to NASA, they are a usa based corp

Voodoo Vikings *[Vking]* are NOW Recruiting!!.. Desire more Sex & Violence? Want your name Revered in the Halls of Valhalla? Join & help Conquer & Pillage!! Kill & Dismember new and interesting people! See The universe…and Burn it Down!! APPLY NOW!

It be good if you tell us at least your ingame name.

Optional are:

  • Your game play time zone

  • “activity level”

the rest can be figured out from your ingame name