Hanger weapon range not same as in battle range

The weapon max range listed in hanger isn’t the same as in battle ranges both shown by tooltip over the weapon on waiting screen as well as actual range when playing. Reread patch notes and find nothing about ranges being tweaked


T3 engi with blaster in hanger 4.8km range to in battle 4km range.


post-244434-0-45165000-1392355694.jpg    post-244434-0-68156900-1392355735.jpg




T4 lrf beam in hanger 5km to in battle 4.3km


post-244434-0-95935400-1392356031.jpg    post-244434-0-61595500-1392356039.jpg


T1 command railgun in hanger 3.3km in battle 2.75km


post-244434-0-72835700-1392356188.jpg    post-244434-0-12941500-1392356185.jpg



E:  This is/was caused by the implent bug which a workaround is known for. Forgotten about the rank2 implant that boosts range…

Yes, just change one of your implants and change it back and it works again. Sorry for the inconvenience.