Hangar/Equip - Ships "overlapping"

Screenshots can talk better than me:



In pratice, when i switch between my ships in the hangar or in the equip window, sometimes the first ship of my hangar (in this case the AJF-5 ) remain on the screen. For example, before a new battle i check the equip, like the number of missiles carried, and first i clic in the slot n°1, with the AJF-5, then i clic on the second slot (with AK-12) and the bigger ship appear over the little ship.

Anyway, this thing happen rarely, yesterday i’ve played for a lot and it’s happened only 2 times. For now i don’t know if is a random problem, or there’s an exact order of clic to do to replicate the bug.

Isn’t a big problem, but i hope that can be useful for the devs :slight_smile:

EDIT: note that i don’t have tried after the new update (i don’t know if something change, but i think it’s better specify that)

It appears that sometimes, if you change your ship, you can see 2 ships in your hanger at the same time.

It is a random bug, but from the reports it seems that it only appears on T1 ships so if someone else notices this bug too, please post here.


Happaned again. This time T2 ships x)

that happened to me with frigates before i had CBTForum access, but i didn’t take a SS. seems like it relates to recently brought ships

It happens randomly. Sometimes in Hangar view, sometimes in Equip view.

I confirm, had the same thing after I bought my first medium ship and swapped to it.

Couln’t get rid of my old interceptor however I tried

Bug appeard again. This time T3 ships.

I just got the exact same error. I guess I don’t need a screeny? I’ve got it if the devteam needs it, however.


(almost)Every time it was like this: chose first ship->chose second ship->bug

Well I think we have enough screenshots. Can you remember if this happened on ships that were newly bought or to ships that you already owned for some time?

I had 2x tier I ship from 2 days and it was still the same.

Happend again, this time T3+ Int in combinations with T3 Fighter.

I recently bought my new T3+ Inty and yes it seems the bug appears only for newly bough ships or happens at least more often.

lol error that looks like your bigger ship is giving birth to a smaller one xD

lol error that looks like your bigger ship is giving birth to a smaller one xD

Oh yes it does :smiley:

Got the same bug!

I got this bug first time today after trying training without bots. I flew in frigate and quit the training after few minutes. I tried to take assault ship and try it in training (camouflage was changed to some feature I don’t know) but for some reason it continued the earlier flight in frigate. When I returned to hangar view I noticed that assault ship had this first available interceptor under it.

I bought this first available frigate 2-3 days ago, others (first available assault ship and first interceptor) have been around about a week. Before this bug I flew 4 rounds in battles without visual bugs in hangar view so it was training without bots which triggered this overlapping bug to me.

I tried to take a sc but it seems it didn’t take it after all, I can’t find the pic anywhere. It clearly made a small spike to fps when I pressed prt sc button so I don’t know what went wrong.

Charaktername: Always shows Interceptors

Small description: I have this bug second time just when I back from fight and choose another ship then interceptor was still on the screen.

Are there any Error messages, if yes please upload a screenshot of the message: NO

At last please attach these files, which are located in you Star Conflict installation folder: 1)DeviceCaps.log 2)game.log 3)game.net.log 4)user_config.cfg

  • Not in Star Conflict installation folder but in C:\Users\SOME_USER\Documents\My Games\StarConflict

  • I don’t have user_config.cfg, I think you might user_config.xml

  • I can not upload directly this files (DeviceCaps.log, game.log, game.net.log), I put its in logs.zip

This bug was already reported here http://forum.gaijine…ps-overlapping/

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