Handshake in Space

Handshake in Space




Today marks exactly 40 years since the famous ‘Soyuz-Apollo’ docking. A handshake in space, that proved cooperation is possible, no matter what.


On July 15, 1975 at 15 hours and 20 minutes ‘Soyuz-19’ was launched from the cosmodrome ‘Baikonur’;

And at 22 hours and 50 minutes ‘Apollo’ launched from Cape Canaveral.


On July 17, at 19 hours and 12 minutes docking of ‘Soyuz-19’ and ‘Apollo’ was completed.

July 19 saw the undocking, and then, after two loops, another docking, and after two more loops the final undocking.


On July 21, 1975 ‘Soyuz-19’ safely landed

‘Apollo’ landed on July 24, 1975


The joint flight was used to carry out several scientific and technical experiments. But much more important was the fact of uniting and working together in orbit between the two superpowers of the Earth.


And next week we are celebrating 46 years since the first human landing on the Moon.

We congratulate all the pilots on these events, and launch a special space promo this weekend — a 50% discount on 6-month Premium licenses!


The promo starts at 16:00 MSK on the 17th of July.

It will finish at 8:00 MSK on the 20th of July.


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